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Wave Dream #2

This image just came from sketching. I started playing with waves forming into multi-faceted and directional mountain forms .

This was the sketch that I first chose to develop for this image. I decided to play up the verticality of the wave by flipping this image into a vertical format.

I have been playing with adding a figure into some of my wave settings, and I liked having one in here perched on the precipice of this crazy face. The comfort of this little crow's nest and adds a peaceful stillness that I think nicely juxtaposes the toppling instability of the wave.

At first this figure was a dog, which I kind of like, but just went with a human figure in the final lino cut. I kept the surfer rather inconspicuous because I didn't want him to draw too much attention away from the graceful, sweeping curves of the wave itself.

Here is the final image cut and printed. Again I was super happy with impact of the final image. It's a bit hard, but fun to imagine how this monster would actually break.

Dasonan Dreams of Waves - Wave Dream #2
Wave Dream #2

Check back for upcoming wave dream images...

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